How to Pass the NCLEX-RN

Congratulations on your nursing school graduation! Passing all of those rigorous examinations and clinical demonstrates your devotion and ability. Only one more essential step stands between you and your Registered Nursing licensure, and Lead College is here to assist you.

NCLEX is a computerized adaptive test (CAT). In a fixed-length test, each candidate in the exam venue will be provided with the same questions in the same amount of time. However, each test-taker is different. In a fixed-length exam, students of high abilities must answer all easy questions, and low ability students will find themselves guessing at the difficult items.

CAT tests provide versatility in the testing environment by focusing on and responding to each student’s skill level. This gives a considerably more realistic picture of each student’s ability across a wide variety of subjects. Because nursing requires such a wide variety of knowledge, this style of assessment is ideal for the NCLEX-RN exam.

NCLEX Preparations to pass the exam
First of all, after your graduation from nursing, take some time to rest and recuperate. This will help you recharge your batteries; after all, nursing school is demanding, so adequate rest is definitely worth it.

Give yourself a week or two to recuperate. Sleep in, eat well, get some exercise and fresh air. It also helps to reconnect with friends and family who may not have seen you during long days of studying and working through school.

This rest and recuperate (R&R) involves your brain too! The NCLEX-RN exam may take a month or two to prepare for, so practice managing your anxiety and try not to worry. When you are prepared, you will feel calm and comfortable in handling this tough exam.

After that, sit down and work on your study schedule. Set your test date for a month or two out so that you have enough time to study and practice. Each student is different, of course, but the general recommendation is to spend about three hours a day reviewing your nursing material.

How much should I study?
Here we have gathered some tips from students who’ve taken the test and experts who study these things.

The first thing you need to do is to get organized. Create a clean, orderly, and above all quiet space. Make it comfortable because you may be spending upwards of three to four hours a day studying.

Plan ahead
Set out a study calendar for your exam preparation and stick to it. While creating a schedule, keep in mind which days you will be able to dedicate to studying? Do you have work or family obligations you’ll need to attend to? When will you take time to relax? Also, plan out when will you take your full-length practice exams. We suggest taking one before starting your preparations to know where your strengths lie.

The lead college has all the resources that are required for comprehensive NCLEX preparation. Contact our experts today to set out your study schedule today.

Read the NCLEX test plan

Keep in mind the topics and content of the NCLEX exam as provided by NCSBN. This is an essential step that you should take early on and revisit throughout your studying.

Take an NCLEX Review Course
There are certain institutions that provide NCLEX review classes to help you pass your exam. Lead College Australia is also one of them. Do not forget to check their passing rates, reviews, and resources.

When studying for the NCLEX, Lead college is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. They have thousands of fun and easy-to-understand video lectures that help health concepts truly stick. College’s High-Yield Notes explain how to manage more than 1,000 different pathologies you’ll encounter in your career as a nurse. And it even has a library of over 1,000 NCLEX-style questions designed to test your knowledge and get you in the mindset for test day.

Take a Brain Break
Breaking your brain right before the test is not a good idea! It’s critical to relax your mind, let the information sink in, and reduce your stress level. Making this precise schedule ahead of time can help you avoid cramming on exam day. Allow yourself two days off before the exam.

Don’t worry; all of your hard work will not disappear in 24 short hours. Go into testing day refreshed and ready!

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