We lead you to the future

Our mission

  • To cater emerging education markets for students,
  • To become a high quality and highly respected training provider
  • To satisfy all stakeholders in a balanced way

Our vision

  • To become a technologically advanced leading-edge institution.
  • To recruit well qualified and highly experienced trainers and assessors.
  • To fully comply with all state and Commonwealth legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • To maintain active industry and professional contacts.
  • To create a creative and interactive training and assessment environment.
  • To foster a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations.

Our values

At Lead College we believe that certain corporate values are the path to success, our values are:


  • To provide quality services and products to our staff, learners and clients.
  • We spend the time, money and effort to ensure that our trainers are experienced and skillful, using quality resources and tools in modern facilities.
Learner Oriented Approach
  • At Lead College we listen to you and your needs to help you achieve your best during and after the course.
  • Teaching methods can be customized to be more efficient with the various groups yet compliant with Lead College policies and procedures.
  • We are strong believers in teamwork where people can present different ideas and techniques to come up with the best scenario possible for all stakeholders.
  • We believe that the ‘whole’ of the organisation is greater than the sum of its parts.