Perth is located in Western Australia and Cannington is a suburb of Perth. We are about 13km away from Perth City Centre, with good quality public transport with trains and buses to the city. There is plenty of accommodation, shopping centres, fast food, medical centres nearby. There are many activities that student can participate in after study with Athletics Centre, Tennis courts, parks, reserves and leisureplex and more to do. Perth has population of 2 million people and growing, it is a popular destination for International Students. Climate for Perth is moderate with Average temperature of 24.8 Celsius, a range from 12.8 Celsius in winter to 31.6 Celsius in summer.

Why should you study in Perth?

Climate: The weather of the Perth is mostly sunny and has warm climate. It said “Perth is the sunniest capital city in Australia!” International students can study in a cosmopolitan environment at lowest cost than elsewhere in Australia. Multicultural: Perth is the most multicultural state in Australia with more than 200 different nationalities who speak over 170 languages and practice over 100 religions. There are many places of worship and a wide range of venues cater to specific religious and dietary requirements. Lifestyle: Perth’s cultural scene offers an array of activities, with plenty of festivals, eateries, modern bars and weekend markets adding flavor to the city and its suburbs. It is also the hub for art, music, theater and films. Great location: Perth has some of the best beaches and parks of Australia World Class Education Perth is regarded as the “Education City” of Australia, where students who study in this city are receiving some of the best education that Australia can offer.

Perth Campus

13-15 Leila Street, Cannington WA 6107, Australia

What You Will Find On Campus

Modern education building Spacious and well – furnished classrooms
Student breakout area Student kitchen and lunch area
Internet and Wifi IT learning Resources