how to apply

1. Choose your courses of study

It is important to select courses that you like and have a passion for. Ask advice from family, friends and your agents on where your talents belong. Research many options looking for career that suits your academic, psychometric and financial capabilities.


2. Check requirements

Check the entry requirements for the course you wish to apply for and for a student visa. More detail can be found at

3. Apply

Send your completed application form, copy of passport, academic results, English Language requirements (if applicable) to your agent or Lead College

4. Receive your letter of offer

Your application will be assessed against the entry requirements for the course and student visa, you may need to submit further evidence which will be stated in the condition section of the letter of offer.

5. Payment

Lead College will need to receive the amount of prepaid fees as stated in the letter of offer before issuing the confirmation of enrolment (COE).

6. Apply for OSHC

You can apply for Oversea Student Health Cover (OSHC) yourself or arrange through the Lead College/agent. This must be obtained before applying for your student visa.

7. Receive your confirmation of enrolment

You will receive your confirmation of enrolment only when all requirements are met.

8. Apply for student visa

Most students use an education agent to apply for their student visa. More detail can be found at: