Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
Course Code: AUR30620 | CRICOS Code: 103654E



Delivery Mode



78 Weeks

Course Description

Course Code: AUR30620 | CRICOS Code: 103654E


This qualification reflects the role of individuals who perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of light vehicles in the automotive retail, service and repair industry.

No pre-requisite requirement for this qualification as per course training package.

Course Duration/Fee

Course Duration: 78 weeks
Course Fee: AUD $24,000
(Includes Materials/ Training & Enrolment fee)
Enrolment Fee: AUD $350

Entry Requirements

The following are the Admission requirements of Lead college:

International Student
»18 years of age or above at the time of enrolment
» Must have completed Year 11 or equivalent
» IELTS Overall 5.5 with no band less than 5.0 / TOEFL IBT 46 /PTE Academic 42 / CAE 162 / OET B/ GE Upper Intermediate Level/ MOI Certificate or equivalent or CERT III level in Australian Qualification
» Must complete an LLN Assessment – diagnostic process to identify if prospective student requires LLN Support
» Must complete the FaceCruit Interview test with Lead College Admissions Officer
» Ability to undertake workshop training as a part of course structure

Intake Dates
5th April 202126th April 2021
10th May 202128th June 2021
28th June 20214th October 2021
2nd August 202110th January 2022
20th September 202111th April 2022
25th October 202111th July 2022

* Please note that this course is available in Haymarket, Parramatta & Perth Campus.

Mode of Delivery

Blended (Face to Face + Online) + Workshop Training


You will be assessed in the classroom and workshop training.

Award Requirements

Students will need to successfully complete all units in this course to receive certificate of AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. Learners who partially complete the qualification will receive a Statement of Attainment for the units they are deemed competent.

It is mandatory to complete work placement hours to be eligible for attainment of this qualification.

Career Pathway

This qualification enables the student to seek employment in the following job roles:

  • Motor Mechanic (General)
  • Automotive Light Vehicle Mechanical Repair Technician
Essential Information


Lead College recognises qualifications issued by other RTOs. Lead College will accept and mutually recognise the qualifications and Statements of Attainment awarded by any other registered training organisation unless precluded by licensing requirements. We can also grant you Credit Transfer for subjects or units you have completed where equivalence can be established between the unit in your course, and the subject or unit you have completed.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where skills and knowledge that you have gained through work and life experience and other unrecognised training can be formally recognised.

During the entry process and interview stage Lead College will discuss with you the process and options for RPL. Suitability is often determined on how much experience you have in a certain area, your work history and previous training. If RPL is determined as a possibility for you, you will be provided with a kit that will guide you in working through each unit to determine relevant skills and experience and identify whether you would be able to provide the required evidence.


USI is needed for all students studying with Lead College. From 1 January 2015 for undertaking Nationally Recognised Training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation the students will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). The USI is available online and at no cost to the student. This USI will stay with the student for life and be recorded with any nationally recognised VET course that is completed. Please see the official USI website https://www.usi.gov.au. The student after enrolment is required to create USI (Unique Student Identifier) or allow Lead College to create an USI on their behalf.


Relevant resources are available at LEAD College to ensure that the students settle in well, smoothly transit life in new places and achieve the required level of competency in all accredited courses. Our staff assists in how to seek help with local welfare and guidance services.


Orientation to assist students is provided by Lead College as an age and culturally appropriate program. Please refer Pre-enrolment Information Pack at www.leadcollege.edu.au Students will be permitted to attend classes only after they have attended and completed the orientation session for the enrolled courses.

Vocational Placement

All students need to complete their workshop which is an essential component of this qualification to consolidate the student’s knowledge within workshop facility.

Pathway From Qualification

After completing AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, students may progress to AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis.

Units Of Competency

The AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology requires the completion of the following 36 Units (including 20 core and 16 electives).

Core Units – 20
AURAEA002Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
AURASA102Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
AURETR112Test and repair basic electrical circuits
AURETR123Diagnose and repair spark ignition engine management systems
AURETR125Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
AURETR129Diagnose and repair charging systems
AURETR130Diagnose and repair starting systems
AURETR131Diagnose and repair ignition systems
AURLTD104Diagnose and repair light vehicle steering systems
AURLTB103Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems
AURLTD105Diagnose and repair light vehicle suspension systems
AURLTE102Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines
AURLTZ101Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems
AURTTA104Carry out servicing operations
AURTTA118Develop and carry out diagnostic test strategies
AURTTB101Inspect and service braking systems
AURTTC103Diagnose and repair cooling systems
AURTTE104 Inspect and service engines
AURTTF101Inspect and service petrol fuel systems
AURTTK102Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace

Note: Not all elective units listed may be available to study, please enquire for more information before enrolling.

Elective Units –
AURACA101Respond to customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplaceAURLTX103Diagnose and repair light vehicle clutch systems
AURAFA103Communicate effectively in an automotive workplaceAURTTA009Carry out mechanical pre-repair operations
AURETD011Diagnose and repair electronically controlled steering systemsAURTTA017Carry out vehicle safety inspections
AURETH002Service and maintain battery electric vehicles*AURTTA105Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives
AURETH011Depower and reinitialise hybrid electric vehiclesAURTTB013Machine brake drums and brake disc rotors
AURETH012Service and maintain electrical components in hybrid electric vehiclesAURTTB015Assemble and fit braking system components
AURETH101Depower and reinitialise battery electric vehiclesAURTTC001Inspect and service cooling systems
AURETR010Repair wiring harnesses and loomsAURTTD002Inspect and service steering systems
AURETR011Install basic ancillary electrical systems and componentsAURTTD004Inspect and service suspension systems
AURETR028Diagnose and repair instruments and warning systemsAURTTF102Inspect and service diesel fuel injection systems
AURETR032Diagnose and repair automotive electrical systemsAURTTF105 Diagnose and repair engine forced-induction systems
AURETR120Diagnose and repair network electronic control systemsAURTTF106Diagnose and repair petrol carburettor systems
AURETR122Diagnose and repair vehicle dynamic control systemsAURTTJ011Balance wheels and tyres
AURETR124Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systemsAURTTK001Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workplace
AURETR143Diagnose and repair electronic body management systemsAURTTL003Install CNG fuel systems
AURETR144Diagnose and repair integrated engine and transmission management systemsAURTTL007Inspect and service LPG fuel systems
AURETR149Apply knowledge of ADAS technology to vehicle pre-repair scansAURTTL009Install LPG fuel systems
AURETR236Diagnose and repair electronically controlled suspension systemsAURTTL104Inspect and service LNG fuel systems
AURETU103Service air conditioning and HVAC systemsAURTTL105Diagnose and repair LNG fuel systems
AURETU104Diagnose and repair air conditioning and HVAC componentsAURTTL108Diagnose and repair LPG fuel systems
AURETU105Retrofit automotive and modify air conditioning and HVAC systemsAURTTQ001Inspect and service final drive assemblies
AURLTD001Select and install performance enhanced suspension system productsAURTTQ003Inspect and service drive shafts
AURLTD002Service and repair light vehicle lift assisted suspension systemsAURTTW001Carry out soft soldering techniques
AURLTD106Carry out light vehicle wheel alignment operationsAURTTX102Inspect and service manual transmissions
AURLTE001Remove and install light vehicle engine assembliesAURTTX103Inspect and service automatic transmissions
AURLTF101Diagnose and repair light vehicle mechanical fuel injection systemsAURTTZ002Diagnose and repair exhaust systems
AURLTF102Diagnose and repair light vehicle diesel fuel injection systemsAURVTA104Inspect damaged vehicle systems and recommend repairs
AURLTJ011Select light vehicle tyres and wheels for specific applicationsAURVTW002Carry out oxyacetylene brazing of components
AURLTJ102Remove, inspect, repair and refit light vehicle tyres and tubesAURVTW018Carry out oxyacetylene welding, thermal heating and cutting
AURLTJ113Remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assembliesAURVTW101Carry out manual metal arc welding on components
AURLTQ101Diagnose and repair light vehicle final drive assembliesAURVTW103Carry out advanced gas metal arc welding on vehicle body sections
AURLTQ102Diagnose and repair light vehicle drive shaftsAURVTW104Carry out tungsten inert gas welding
AURLTX101Diagnose and repair light vehicle manual transmissionsAURVTW109Carry out basic gas metal arc welding
AURLTX102Diagnose and repair light vehicle automatic transmissions 

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